Monochromatic colour schemes are popular due to their ease of execution; there’s not too much to think about and when you use the one colour in its varying shades it can be easy on the eye.  Integrate the one colour with white, black or grey and you can have a simple and elegant interior.

IMAGE ABOVE: Courtesy Uniqwa Furniture

The most popular, and sophisticated, monochrome scheme is black and white. Getting the balance right is the most important challenge…too much black and you can feel closed in and too much white might feel, well glacial!  We suggest using the 70/30 rule and here we’re suggesting 30% black and 70% white.  The image above is a sophisticated example of monochrome in the classic black and white. It looks elegant and inviting and is easily achieved.

Think of companies who use black and white as their signature: Chanel, David Jones, Nike, Mercedes Benz. They may use various shades of grey and silver but in the end, the idea is the same black – white.  This sophisticated combination is as classy today as it has ever been. Ladies, think the little black dress; gentlemen, think the tuxedo.

Black and white oozes sophistication and it’s a timeless combination. It looks wonderful in contemporary interiors but is equally at home in industrial settings.  From living rooms, to kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms a black and white colour scheme is elegant and classic.

To achieve this look we suggest the following pieces, which are not only beautiful, but also practical and eco friendly.

Strand four-poster bed in reclaimed solid teak stained black – Queen Size

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Strand four poster bed in reclaimed solid teak. Uniqwa Furniture

Strand bedside table in reclaimed solid teak stained black. Uniqwa Furniture

Bed linen in 100% organic Lithuanian linen in antique white. House of Baltic Linen

Rake cushions in 100% linen with hand embroidery. Bandhini

Bed sash in 100% cotton with Gudri stitching. BandhiniRound tray in American oak.

White ceramic table lamp

Black pendant


Wall paint in natural white

Birds Nest artwork, hand made in natural linen. Bandhini

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