Choosing a sofa (or settee or lounge or whatever you like to call it) is a big decision – in size, dollars and design! Comfort must come first and then style but also size, fabric, warranty and longevity of the product.



The correct sofa can make or break your room. A sofa is a big investment and it’s also a big item – a focal point – one of the largest pieces of furniture you’ll have in your room, so it’s important to get it right from all aspects.

A good quality sofa can set you back a few month’s salary or more. Don’t scrimp; save until you can afford a decent piece and you won’t regret it. What may seem like a lot of money now, won’t in ten years or more when it’s still giving you lots of service.

Comfort is the most important consideration when buying a sofa. It may need to service an entire family from your six foot plus kids to the family dog! The fabric you choose is also an important element. White may look amazing in the showroom but think about where the sofa will be placed and the amount of wear and tear it may receive. Dark grey may be a better choice! But, a multi-coloured fabric can also be very serviceable.

At St James Whitting we look at the total package when choosing sofas for our clients: Is it fit for purpose, is the size right for the people using it and the room it’ll be placed in; is the fabric suitable in durability and colour; are the materials environmentally sound and is it manufactured by a reputable company using quality materials and labour practices and one that will give you a warranty – and be around if you need to make a claim. All of these considerations must be taken into account when buying any piece of furniture. As we say at SJW, buy once and buy well.

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