Sydney Home Show 2016
By Allie Legge

Mustard yellow, natural greens, exotic blues, deep turquoise and shadows that were reminiscent of the afternoon summer sun creating silhouettes through thick eucalypt leaves – and there, as a backdrop, a beacon of light, the Sydney coastline made famous through copious tourism campaigns and lifestyle programs – this is my introduction to the Sydney Home Show.

Bronte Break by Kate St James & Catherine Whitting

I am describing Kate St James’ and Catherine Whitting’s booth (St JamesWhitting), part of the Colour Your World precinct, which displayed the trending colours, window coverings and solutions for decorating/styling small residential properties.

Entering this area, one was overwhelmed by the bold choices of colour. I loved it! I was immune from out-dated design concepts where whites and beiges were used throughout residential designs. This was different. So un-Australian, yet so symbolic. The rooms on display exhibited different interior design styles ranging from shabby chic to modern, with a wide variety of jagged patterns and rough textures.

On stage with Kate St James and John Eussen…who’s that on the right?!!

Green was definitely the number one colour and I must say it looked fantastic when Kate and Catherine applied it. I cannot pinpoint the shade of green, not emerald, not shamrock, not mint…but jade or a variety of jade??? Where’s my colour wheel?   Blue (teal or deep turquoise) and mustard yellow, authentic to a Van Gogh painting, were used to create a warm inviting living room with a open connection to outdoor entertainment area, emphasising what you can achieve in a small space.

Who would have guessed a quirky fold-up BBQ surrounded by a wall mounted herb garden was such a hit – it visualised the possible in such a tangible way for expo attendees with tiny yards, or balconies. Just think they too could take advantage of the wonderful Mediterranean climate afforded to Australians. Lets enjoy our outdoors.

Here I am with Kate St James, James Trebble, Rebecca Gillings and John Eussen

With the backdrop of Bronte Beach, thanks to the brilliance of the custom-designed wallpaper and the photographic representation (thanks to photographer Marian Riabic) of those famous cliffs, fronted with the rolling blue/green waves iced with white peaks, it was easy to feel at home in this space. The furniture was minimalist, space was the winner and visitors walked away with the knowledge that less is more.


Kate St James & Catherine Whitting

All furniture, including paint and textiles, were made from eco friendly materials. However this aspect needed better publicity as the environmental message is needed in every avenue to remind us all of our impact.

Allie Legg
Interior Design Graduate 2016
Winner People’s Choice Home Design Eussen Living Student Design Competition

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