Are you looking for extra space at your house? Somewhere for you to work from home, exercise, play music, create artwork, or a place for the kids to study? A St James Whitting FuturePOD is a great investment for your property, which will add value to your home as well as for your family.   Under 20m2 no council approval is required in New South Wales*. All our designs meet strict BCA requirements and we can design other sizes and designs to suit individual needs. The FuturePOD embraces sustainable and eco-friendly interior and building design to ensure that our projects are of the highest environmental quality providing spaces that not only look good but are also healthy for their occupants, and good for our planet. future-pod-image-3   Here are some things you need to know before you start: SJW FuturePOD (TM pending) – Exempt Developments Council exemptions are available in NSW – *conditions apply Can I use an exempt structure as a granny flat or secondary dwelling? No. The exempt development code states that the development must not be habitable. This means that it cannot be used as a granny flat or secondary dwelling.  If you require a habitable structure, contact us to find out more Can I use an exempt structure as a bathroom, laundry toilet or other room? The exempt development code states that the development must not be habitable, with the term habitable room being defined in Part 1, Division 1, Clause 1.5 of the NSW code as a room used for normal domestic activities, other than a bathroom, laundry, toilet, pantry, walk in wardrobe, hallway, lobby, clothes drying room or other space of a specialised nature that is not occupied frequently or for extended periods. This means that bathrooms and laundries are not classified as habitable rooms. Future-pod-image-1 EXEMPT DEVELOPMENT In New South Wales, many types of minor building projects do not require Council approval or accredited certification. This is called an exempt development. For more information visit: An Exempt Development is a low-impact development. Providing your building project meets specific development standards, approval from your Council is not required. For more information visit: Although most properties in NSW and ACT are eligible for exempt development, some land is specifically excluded from exempt development provisions. Most NSW properties details can be checked using the NSW Planning Portal or by purchasing a ‘Section 149 planning certificate’ from your local council. If in doubt about your property’s eligibility, contact your local council or planning authority to ascertain what size shed or cabana you can put in as exempt development. What FuturePOD can I put in as Exempt Development? Although our FuturePODs are designed to be fully portable they are also carefully designed and engineered to meet the Building Code of Australia (BCA) construction requirements for exempt development in NSW. There are also some property specific standards that must be complied with. Some examples of these conditions are:
  • floor area not exceeding 20m²
  • 900mm setback from boundaries on residential zoned land
  • no more than 3m above existing ground level
  • no more than two such developments per lot
  • be located at least 1m from any registered easement
Please visit NSW Legislation website for full list of conditions. What if my property or application doesn’t comply with exempt development requirements? Some properties or applications require specific approvals and solutions. We can custom design solutions to solve your extra space requirements from small projects, renovations, new homes and multi-res developments; all with a focus on eco-friendly, sustainable design. Where can I find the full list of exempt development standards? The standards you must comply with for exempt development works are set out in the exempt development legislation for your state or territory. The full policy and list of standards for your state or territory can be viewed here at the following links: NSW Legislation website For more information and to request an appointment to view our display unit in Concord West, contact us: future-pod-image-2 Thanks to our suppliers. Resene, UBIQ, Interfar, Custom Furniture, Nick O’Brien, Tony De Leo Zarrella Kitchens, Glosswood, Kalafrana Ceramics, Satara Australia, OneWorld Collection, Spaworld Seven Hills. *Conditions may apply.  Check with your local council before you start.
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