Inspired by a family trip to Avignon in the South of France, situated in Sydney’s inner west the Parisian motif tile in this Californian Bungalow references the use of wallpaper in this between the wars Australian interior.  

SJW Design Tip:

Spend time devouring the colours, patterns and tones in the tiles. Select products that you simply can’t live without and then design the detail around this hero. It helps to relate your pattern choice to the architectural style of your home.


Tile selection is the next decision to be made in all bathroom design. Selecting a durable tile, made from a certified supplier with a great slip rating that won’t show the dirt always rewards you in the long term. Larger format tiles create elegance, but can cause problems with the fall and water drainage in shower areas.   Apart from functionality, tiles are a brilliant tool to add personality into your interior. 

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Bathrooms are costly rooms to renovate in labour. The right product and material selection by a professional can turn a basic renovation into brilliant design!

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