At StJamesWhitting we believe that all interiors should enhance the health and wellbeing of occupants and we specify and use only the most environmentally sustainable, eco-friendly products and practices. We proudly specialise in sustainable and eco-friendly interior and building design to ensure that our projects are of the highest environmental quality providing spaces that not only look good but are also healthy  for their occupants, and good for our planet.

Interior and building designers are professionals, trained to understand space and to get the most out of a building from both a practical and visual perspective.  We look at maximising the space in interiors without cramming them full and ensure they are used in a practical way.  The spaces within a building should enhance the experience of the inhabitants; whether at home, in the workplace or the commercial environment.

We specialise in space planning and selection and specification of furniture, furnishings, finishes and systems that harmonise with each building, ensuring spaces are flexible and practical from the placement of doors and windows, lighting, joinery and furniture.  Our kitchen and bathroom designs employ the best, eco-friendly materials, high quality workmanship, hardware and appliances. We design for the future to ensure your spaces are future proofed and will last well into the future.

With more than 50 years of combined design experience in residential, commercial, hospitality, health and aged-care interior design, building design and renovation and property styling throughout Australia,  Kate St James and Catherine Whitting will work by your side to help you choose sustainable, affordable,  materials, products and furniture for your project.


Kate St James    Catherine Whitting   Ian Cleland


We can custom design furniture and joinery  for your interior using sustainable materials and manufacturing. We don’t only supply other people’s designs or products and furniture, ensuring a truly bespoke service.

We work with a team of trusted consultants and professionals who share our ethos and commitment to quality and sustainability. We specify products with a clear provenance, chain of custody, life cycle assessment, and where available certification and stewardship.

We believe everyone has the right to experience good design.

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