Eco design and products are not just those that are good for the environment, they must also be safe and healthy for the people who use them, ethically produced, socially sustainable and economically sustainable. We look at the entire life cycle of our designs and the products we use and specify.

What products do we use?  Are they made from renewable sources and are they recyclable? How are the people who make them treated and paid? Are they exposed to any harmful substances? Is the environment exposed to any harmful substances? Where are the products made? Do they benefit the local community? Is the manufacturer engaged in responsible use of energy and water, and waste disposal? Do they recycle? How much energy has to be used to transport the products? How long will they last? When products are no longer wanted or useful, can they be recycled?  Are they biodegradable? Do the companies engage in product stewardship? Is there a clear chain of custody?

We never use or specify fake designs or replicas.  We believe they damage the future of our creative industries.


We consider all these questions when designing and specifying for our clients.

In our business we also live by our standards:

We recycle all glass, plastic, metal, cardboard and paper.
We compost all of our food.
We use recycled paper and print on both sides.
We use as little paper as possible, including e-business cards and e-boards.
We reuse all packaging material from suppliers and any new packaging is biodegradable.
We use LEDs to light our spaces.
We use public transport wherever we can.
We think twice and buy once.

We use the cradle-to-cradle approach as outlined by MBDC, McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry. http://www.mbdc.com

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