Ian Cleland, Building and Projects Design


Ian Cleland

Ian Cleland is a passionate advocate for sustainability and the creation of low impact, sustainable urban communities. With a background in large infrastructure projects such as underground railways, sewerage and water-treatment plants, commercial and residential projects, Ian has been involved with designing and building passive and energy efficient buildings, energy systems and sustainable living environments for more than 35 years.  Ian’s passion for energy efficient housing started with his own home in Sydney in the early 1970s, followed by a house he built with his wife, Kate in northern NSW in the early 1980s; one of the first energy efficient, passive designed houses in the region.

While living in northern NSW, Ian hosted a radio program which focused on the environment and encouraged energy efficient home design and sustainable living. He was a founding member of the Appropriate Community Technology Association and an active participant in community activities.  His goal is to spread the impact of designing better homes and communities throughout Australia.

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