SJW Design Process

Give yourself the gift of time with great design.

Working with a professional Interior Designer saves you time and creates a valuable asset in your home.

Professional Interior designers help you to get value for your investment when renovating your current home or building a new one. There are endless decisions to be made on space planning, material selection, product choice, furniture choice, lighting, heating, electrical, technological and emotional aspects of interiors that need to be made.

At St James Whitting we pride ourselves on designing interiors that meet the specific needs of our clients and that add value to their home or property for many years to come. Good design does not follow trends but problem solves spatial, sustainable, environmental, functional aesthetic and psychological aspects of an interior space.

SJW Visual Client Profile

The design process at St James Whitting starts with you. You are our client, we need to understand what moves and motivates you and what essential Rocks your Boat! We start with a client board, that encapsulates everything that you are and the way that you live, We create a visual client profile so that you know we totally get who you are and what you like!

SJW Interior Mood Board

The next phase is to establish the mood of the interior. We design a personalised mood board for the project, following our first site visit, creating a visual concept of the finished mood of the nominated space. This visually conveys how you will feel when you experience the space. This creates synergy between the client and designer and puts us all on the same page.

Michel Schumacher Consultation File March 23 201729


Copyright SJW 2017SJW Spatial Planning and Programming

Spatial planning is essential to ensure that the interior space is successfully manipulated to give you the best function and form to your design solution. We space plan the layout in 2D and 3D to challenge the current interior and optimise areas for circulation, storage, ventilation, privacy, entertainment, functionality and visual impact.

Bella Bodies_Kitchen plans-6.jpg

Copyright SJW 20179.jpg

SJW Design Proposal and 3D Visual Renderings

This is where the fun starts – you get to see in 2D and 3D your space come to life. Visualisation of joinery, kitchens and bathrooms can be very difficult we create the interior as a full colour render with all the materials and finishes so that you can comfortably visualise your finished design before we start!

Bella Bodies_Kitchen plans-1.jpg




Copyright SJW 201714

SJW materials and finishes specification document

Once the design is approved and confirmed we then issue a full specification document with everything that you need to build your new interior. Including supplier links and costings. We are often able to source from suppliers that are not available to the general public so you get a superior sustainable and beautiful product at a great price point!

Bella Bodies_Kitchen plans-R03 (1)-9.jpg


Michel Schumacher Consultation File March 23 20176


You can then choose to engage us and our preferred trades to project manage your design as a complete turnkey solution or take it on yourself. ! Save time, get sustainable, sophisticated design solutions and visualise and plan your design journey with Catherine and Kate at St James Whitting to give yourself the gift of time!

Bella Bodies_Kitchen plans-R8.jpg


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