Pymble Residence: OHANA

Interior design by St James Whitting

Photography by Marian Riabic

“Creating a family home is one of the most personal and challenging tasks any homeowner can undertake. An

opportunity to start from scratch offers a blank canvas to include everything a growing family could ever ask for.

Located on Sydney’s North Shore, this residence is a glowing capsule of warmth, style and relaxation.

Originally a tiny 1940s home perched on a generous 2000sqm block, the homeowner’s parents decided to

subdivide the land into two blocks for each of their children. Keeping it in the family, the client’s sister, Catherine

Whitting, was responsible for the interior design of the home, working with architect Gareth Cole from The

Ecologie Group.

For homeowners Malcolm and Belinda and their three children, it was important the home reflected the family’s

ethos and was also environmentally friendly. “We wanted a home that would have a low impact on the 

environment so we looked for an architect who could design a house which maximised passive heating and

cooling, was energy efficient, and used environmentally responsible materials,” says Malcolm. The brief also

revolved around creating personalised interiors complete with bespoke paintings by Catherine, which create a

personalised atmosphere.” Annabelle Cloros  Grand Designs Australia Magazine



Inspired by the family themselves, Catherine created a visual client profile and mood board to determine the interior’s palette. “We gave Catherine a list of things  we loved and asked her to integrate them into  our home,” says Malcolm. “Our thoughts and wishes were translated into tangential objects and designs that were beautiful and practical.”  A monochromatic palette was utilised throughout the interior and exterior of the home, providing the opportunity to showcase the family’s art collection and reference their passion for classical music. “The interior celebrates bold graphic references to vintage animation and a love of timbers and stones,” says Catherine. “Each element of the house reveals an architectural purpose and story that transcends the built form of a house into a family home.



Annabelle Cloros  Grand Designs Australia Magazine




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