Azures Den Lifestyle & Wellness Shop

CURATED COLOUR – Kate St James and Catherine Whitting launched the debut of ACTIVATE ART TO WEAR at AZURES DEN LIFESTYLE AND WELLNESS STORE in January 2020. The exhibition included sustainable active wear made from recycled materials through our global partnership with VIDA. Products that are made from post consumer recycled materials and biodegradable fabrics. All our pieces are sourced and created with care and integrity, ensuring they are made to last. Every product purchased provides social programs to the makers who bring our art to life. Tailored to the needs of their unique communities. VIDA’S programs range from teaching basic literacy in Pakistan to women’s empowerment in Turkey.

A spectacular opening with over 80 guests, Jewellery By MisSMasH, a live SJW Activate Art to Wear mannequin Chloe Zurynski, hand painted by Briana Lee with curated crafted canapes by Lisa Garbutt …click below for photos of art in the gallery and the opening event