Resene paints

The Elementals Collection


Regional and special colour palettes

St James Whitting Design  introduces the Elementals Collection, coloured by Resene

Kate St James and Catherine Whitting of St James Whitting Design have curated a selection of 140 beautiful colours for their unique Elementals Collection.


Combining their passion and love for the environment, artwork, design and colour, the fan deck features stunning coloured images inspiring and capturing each page’s paint palette. Each colour is painstakingly hand painted with Resene paint to ensure each is a perfect rendition of each colour. Colours journey through the richest hues through to a selection of the monochromatic, ensuring that there is something to suit all projects. Drawing on their wealth of colour and design know how, inspirational colour ideas are included on each page to help decorators get started on their own colour journey.

This collection is sold in Australia by St James Whitting Design and colours are available through Resene ColorShops in Australia. 

Click below to view the St James Whitting Design Elementals Rug Collection - available internationally through Designer Rugs Australia