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Pilates Studio - Design Process

Pilates Studio Design & Renovation

“Where everyone is treated like an elite athlete”

Our project work is not limited to residential. We love commercial projects and here’s a recently completed Pilates studio; the first stage of a full renovation for Advanced Physiotherapy at Warners Bay. The resort style Pilates Studio is painted in Infinite Indigo from the St James Whitting Elementals Collection coloured by Resene to create an immersive experience in colour psychology . Along with transforming this former gym space into a “destination” for those seeking better health through Pilates, we also supplied beautiful workout clothing from our SJW Activate art to wear range to provide an all round experience for patrons.

JOINERY PRODUCTION by Zarella Kitchens



Pilates Studio - Design Concept

Become Your Best Self

The concept of the Pilates studio was to create luxury feel within the Pilates room on the central coast, a visual retreat from the  busy gym next door that felt soft underfoot and an intimate room to relax and repair in where clients could become their best self at  Advanced Physiotherapy, a specialist room to introduce  Premium Pilates and offer cutting edge Pilates equipment, complemented with state of the art functional training equipment


Pilates Studio - Testimonial

  • Cameron Bullus

    The signature designed pilates room has provided us with a specialist space to offer premium pilates and expand our business, our customers love immersing themselves in this facility that we can now offer .


Pilates Studio - Awards