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Eco Waterview Design Process

Our clients, a couple downsizing in Sydney, both educators, with a focus on a healthy lifestyle of mind and body :

“We would like our home to be a peaceful sanctuary that we can escape in. We have lived in far north Queensland for most of our lives and adore natural colours and organic palettes. We want a healthy interior with sustainable materials and finishes that are easy to clean and maintain. Our inspiration for colour is Sydney sandstone and the cool waters of Sydney harbour and foreshore. The colours need to be gentle, make us relax and feel comfortable and peaceful”

The colours of Sydney sanstone and waterways were woven in bamboo silk and New Zealand Wool in our signature Alcatraz pill shaped and circular rug, designed by St James Whitting and manufactured by Designer Rugs.

Resene Ottomon and St James Whitting Elderflower ( 50%) provided a timeless natural elegance to the interior and was perfectly paired with the natural mint mosaic tiles, grasscloth wallpaper and custom designed colour matched rugs throughout the space . Every material had to sit harmoniously within a gentle colour palette that provide peace of mind, body and soul.

Our colour palette was selected to engage the clients with the natural palette found in the minted mosaics used throughout the ensuite, dining and kitchen mosaics. They wanted a peaceful colour that also acted as neutral or non colour . This project was all about psychology of colour creating a place of perfect inner peace and an inner sanctum at any part of the day in any climate. It was to create a sense of elevation and enlightenment for the clients without feeling like the home was painted in a colour scheme and was to almost disappear itself whilst making you feel fabulous.

Fifteen samples of green were put on the wall from duck egg to resene peace to get the right tone, at different times of day the greens would go too ochre, or too blue and the clients had an eye for exceptional detail so ottoman full strength and half strength were perfect in the bedrooms and due to the changing light actually looked the same colour. St James Whitting Elderflower at 50% strength was the perfect pairing to alabaster and the mint mosaic tiles and the instyle textiles grass cloth wallpaper, every material on site had to sit in peaceful harmony with each other and rugs have been colour curated to match the exact paint RGB



Eco Waterview

Eco Waterview

A sustainable waterfront apartment that is healthy for mind, body and soul. A sanctuary of form and function that brings a sense of peace and structure to a home, providing the owners with restful functionality through space planning, storage solutions, eco friendly materials and colour theory that empowers and are derived from the local surrounds .


Interior and rug design: St James Whitting – Kate St James & Catherine Whitting
Alcatraz Custom coloured rug: Designer Rugs
Joinery construction: Zarrella Kitchens
Electrical: Fix Electrical Contractors
Plumbing: Sydney Metro Plumbing
Tiling: Five Dock Tiling and Bathrooms
Paint:  St James Whitting coloured by Resene
TilesMy Tiles & Bathrooms
Original ArtworksClient's Collection
Window Treatments:  Design Curtains

Photography Marian Riabic


Eco Waterview - Testimonial

  • Marlene and Jeff

    Soon after moving into our apartment, we went into lockdown, which meant that we quickly became very familiar with every facet of our newly renovated apartment, both aesthetically and functionally.  Not a day went by during this time that we did not express or feel such gratitude that we had decided to work with Catherine and Kate.  We worked closely with Catherine on a daily basis, and came to greatly appreciate her enthusiasm, professionalism and ability to transform our space into a very functional and attractive home designed around our budget, our sentimental belongings, and our particular needs.

    Because we lived some distance from our new residence during renovation, we were so grateful that Catherine’s role included dealing with the coordination of the trades, implementing the design features in what was, sometimes, a very difficult organizational task.  Of course, being in various levels of lockdown added a further level of difficulty, frustration and inconvenience, which Catherine handled with her usual confident, knowledgeable and pleasant approach.  Catherine always communicated with us in a most respectful, helpful and patient manner. Catherine’s knowledge in the field, attention to detail in the design and renovation process, and her respectful manner were very much appreciated by us, and we would not hesitate in recommending her company, SJW, to others.

    November, 2021


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