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What is the SJW FuturePOD?

St James Whitting will customise the FuturePOD to your site, orientation and functional needs. There are four unique designs available to modify, that are fast and efficient in construction:

Are you looking for extra space at your house? Somewhere for you to work from home, exercise, play music, create artwork, or a place for the kids to study? A St James Whitting FuturePOD is a great investment for your property, which will add value to your home as well as for your family.The FuturePOD embraces sustainable and eco-friendly interior and building design to ensure that our projects are of the highest environmental quality providing spaces that not only look good but are also healthy for their occupants, and good for our planet. Featuring the St James Whitting curated furniture selections from SATARA Australia and One World Collection your FuturePOD celebrates signature style and sustainable design solutions. We know that your home needs to be flexible and accommodating. We have made the SJW FuturePOD interior completely transformable with the integration of  the Italian made Dotto Wall Bed – the DOTTO is a large two person study desk by day and with one easy movement allows you to pull down a bed ready for use without moving any objects from the desk –  so that your FuturePOD looks great no matter who pops over at the last minute. With SJW, you tell us your needs, and we make sure that the FuturePOD meets them for you

The FuturePOD features Colomobo907’s Italian made Smart bed, distributed by Interfar Custom Joinery in Sydney, which increases living capacity without compromising the living space. The Dotto wall bed is innovative, safe, comfortable and contemporary in design. The Dotto consists of a large working desk and a double or queen size bed. Without moving anything off the desk, you simply pull down on the gas lift mechanism and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep on a fully inner sprung mattress. The bed converts to a two-person desk in just 60 seconds, easily converting the interior from one space to another with the pull of a lever, providing more space for relaxing, playing, sharing or working. The social benefit of the Dotto Smart Bed in the FuturePOD enables a family to instantly invite more friends home for dining or gathering with a spare bed for guests, or to organise a small office instantly for client meetings without hassle or inconvenience.

Internal linings of architecture are often the most overlooked design element and all too often plasterboard prevails on every surface. To ensure that the FuturePOD had an intentional blurring of boundaries between the internal and external spaces the designers employed the use of Glosswood prefinished lining boards for walls and ceilings. These products are designed for indoor and undercover outdoor applications in residential and commercial projects. The beauty of Glosswood lining boards is that they are made from solid timber and feature a beautiful natural woodgrain that is stunning to look at when sleeping on the fold down Dotto smart bed. The ceiling timber of choice is Paulownia, which is a sustainably grown and harvested hardwood that’s incredibly light, dimensionally stable and easy to work with. Glosswood innovated Australia’s first no-VOC UV-cured coating to produce its Satin UV Range of lining board colours, then introduced a lanolin-enriched oil-based ash wood stain and feature a V-joint tongue-and-groove profile for easy installation.

Customised joinery is an essential component of architectural design as it allows for customisation and multiplicity of use. SJW engaged Zarella Kitchens to manufacture the FuturePODs Multi Robe – a built-in cabinet that converts from a stationary office storage device to a wardrobe with hanging space for two guests. The Multi-robe also conceals the computer tower, modem and printer with ventilation and airflow, which is so often unsightly clutter in residential interiors. The material of choice for this was Australian made Laminex Finished Designed Timber Veneer in Sandy Oak sourced from Europe, to create the optical illusion of the dynamic ash ceiling morphing into the joinery wall. A fold down natural timber breakfast bar on stainless steel boat hinges allow for a pop up breakfast or afternoon tea overlooking the north facing garden through the bifold windows. Paired with a couple of oak framed and upholstered Scandic kitchen stools from Satara Furniture this flexible joinery creates a lifestyle addition of an instant Café Bar where one can have a drink and entertain friends and beautifully dissects the solid wall creating transitional integration with the garden.

Interior Design by St James Whitting
FuturePOD construction NJO Building
Tiling by Five Dock Tiling & Bathroom Renovations
Joinery construction by Zarrella Kitchens
Photography by Marian Riabic


FuturePOD Design Concept

SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL. The FuturePOD was designed out of years of family frustrations to create the perfect home for a growing family in Sydney’s inner west. Designed as both a home office and a family chill out space, the spa provides additional amenity in summer and winter.

The aim was to create a multifunctional, multipurpose, environmentally sustainable and passively designed space that could easily convert function and use without the need for alternate design or additional products; a space that changes in functionality with your future lifestyle needs. The FuturePOD converts from a guest room with lounge area to an interactive two person study and consulting lounge.

The architectural concept of the FuturePOD was to create complete integration of the indoors and outdoors with a small footprint extension embraces the eastern concept of the engawa , also called  an “en space”, is a typical element of traditional Japanese residential architecture. It is a strip of flooring, usually made of hardwood and surrounding the house, that represents a filter between the inside and the outside. The FuturePOD is a space to work or reside in, feel the wind pass you by, relax and feel at one with the external gardens.  An engawa allows the building to remain open in the rain or sun, without getting too wet or hot, and allows flexible ventilation and sightline. SJW used UBIQ INEX decking to create an engawa outside both French doors and surrounding the outdoor six person spa to create this transitional space. UBIQ INEX is a revolutionary, low carbon, high strength, yet lightweight, cement based composite decking board suitable for both residential and commercial applications. It has pencil round edges in long direction and its textured surface provides a superb finish for multiple coating system applications, including water based wood stain to deliver a remarkable timber decking appearance.

Sustainability was the focus of the material selection and site-specific design. The FuturePOD is constructed on site, capitalising on the orientation of the site and the respective benefits. Highlight windows and external shading provides opportunities for passive design.   UBIQ, Resene Paints, Stainless steel architectural hardware, Glosswood ceiling panels, Peradona porcelain Timber effect tiles, bifold windows with inbuilt fly screens and full glass French doors that allow cross breezes, from GEM windows provide a suite of sustainable solutions for the under 20m2 build.

Knauf Insulation’s Earthwool® Wall and Ceiling Batts were used throughout the construction of the FuturePOD are made from highly resilient, inorganic glass fibres bonded by ECOSE® Technology, a revolutionary new binder based on rapidly renewable bio-based materials rather than non-renewable petroleum-based chemicals. Earthwool Wall and Ceiling Batts provide a cost-effective thermal and acoustical barrier for energy-efficient construction. The batts’ consistent quality, low dust, and clean-cutting resilient wool makes installation fast.  Earthwool Wall and Ceiling Batts are odourless, rot proof, non-hygroscopic, does not sustain vermin and will not encourage the growth of fungi, mould or bacteria.Earthwool Wall and Ceiling Batts are free from CFCs, HCFCs and any other material with ozone depletion potential in the manufacture and content and represent no known threat to the environment. Earthwool Wall and Ceiling Batts’ manufacture has low impact on the environment and is classified as Zero ODP and Zero GWP

Interior design by St James Whitting – Kate St James & Catherine Whitting

Paint:  St James Whitting coloured by Resene

Operations:  Matthew Whitting

Joinery construction by Zarrella Kitchens
Tiling Five Dock Tiling and Bathrooms
Window Treatments:  Design Curtains

Photography Marian Riabic



FuturePOD - Testimonial

  • Oscar Matthew Isaachsen Whitting

    Designing the FuturePOD with the team provided the perfect flexible solution for our family, during covid we really have seen the full benefits of this totally unique and convertible space. The FuturePOD has proven to be adaptable, flexible, easy to maintain and above all  provides an exceptional climate to work in due to the passive design principles employed.  There is not a day that goes by that I am not delighted by this space and what it offers our family.


FuturePOD - Awards